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                        WBS Series Baler

                        Product description
                        Hydraulic system: WBS series products adopt our company’s mature high and low pressure combined hydraulic system. The high and low pressure coordination technology optimizes the kinetic energy distribution mode of the conventional system, which reduces the actual use power while ensuring the high pressure and fast operation of the system, which is larger than the traditional high power The power mode of the oil pump is highly efficient and energy-saving.

                        Control system: The self-enclosed operation is fully controlled by PLC, which reduces labor costs.

                        Core components: The main core components such as cylinder assembly, valve block, hydraulic system, pump station, frame assembly, etc., we always insist on independent processing and assembly to ensure the quality and overall performance of the equipment.

                        Scope of application: WBS series products have high thrust, wide use and strong applicability, and can pack various compressible items such as waste paper, beverage bottles, textile bags, garbage, color steel tiles, thin iron sheets, etc.

                        By Baler

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