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                        LX Series Baler

                        Product description:
                        1. The thrust cylinder is a cross-type structure design. The main engine of this structure is low in height, small in size, convenient to rotate and not restricted by the site, and can adapt to small-space site operations.
                        2. The integrated structure design has high stability, and it can be used immediately after power on without installation.
                        3. The equipment adopts a fully enclosed hydraulic assembly and a built-in oil pump connection structure to minimize noise, and customers no longer have to worry about finding a suitable installation environment (especially in urban areas and places close to residential areas).
                        4. Equipped with a buffered door opening structure, suitable for users with different needs.
                        5. Equipped with automatic package delivery device to effectively reduce labor intensity.

                        Control system: The use of low-noise and high-efficiency oil pumps and motors, with low noise, greatly reduces the restrictions on the packaging operation site environment (can be installed in basements, facade rooms and other areas). Using PLC intelligent control, the oil pump and motor do work when the push plate is running, and the oil pump and motor stop when the push plate stops. This design reduces unnecessary energy consumption of the equipment and saves the cost of use.

                        Core components: The main core components such as cylinder assembly, valve block, hydraulic system, pump station, frame assembly, etc., we always adhere to independent processing and assembly to ensure the quality and overall performance of the equipment.

                        Scope of application: LX series packer can pack compressible materials such as waste paper, cotton and cans.

                        By Baler

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